toy association logoA U.S. appeals court reversed a ruling that requires owners of recreational drones to register aircrafts that weigh more than 0.5 pounds with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), according to The Toy Association.

With the reversal, users of toy drones no longer have to register their aircrafts with the FAA, and manufacturers of toy drones no longer need to tell purchasers that FAA registration is required with the purchase of their drone.

However, in accordance with last year’s FAA Modernization Act, drone manufacturers of all sizes must still include a safety statement in drone packaging that describes rules, regulations, and safety tips for consumers operating unmanned aircraft systems. More information for manufacturers is available on the FAA website.

The Toy Association recently participated in a Micro UAS Aviation Rulemaking Committee from the FAA to consider recommendations for a performance-based standard that would allow micro unmanned aircraft systems to be operated over people or under a covered structure. The recommendations for the rule are available online, although the rule has not been issued.