Pley,HippieDirigibleOn April 24, the Hippie Dirigible, by Russian designers Dmitry and Anna Selivanov, became the first design available for rental on to Pley users. It took 82 days to gather 5,000 votes from Lego fans worldwide. Pleyworld has now fulfilled its purpose as a Lego fan crowdsourcing website that enables designers to create, share, and distribute their designs.

Upon reaching 5,000 votes, the design was reversed engineered by Pley’s Master Builders to create a detailed instruction manual. The Master Builders also created a list of 475 bricks to build the design, which was inputted into Pley’s Lego assembly machines to generate hundreds of Hippie Dirigible sets.

The 5,000 fans who voted for the Hippie Dirigible on were invited to be the first to enjoy the set by renting it from Submitting a design to Pleyworld requires a photo of the creation.