Lego Pirate Themed RoomLegoland Hotel at Legoland Florida Resort opened on Friday, marking the expansion of the resort to become an immersive, multi-day experience for families. The grand opening was honored with thousands of colorful Lego minifigures blasting out of cannons atop the hotel, and a child discovering a key for opening the hotel built for kids.

Legoland Hotel features 152 guest rooms and suites across four themes: Pirate, Kingdom, Adventure, and Lego Friends. Guests of the hotel enjoy early access to Legoland Florida Resort and interactive play areas. All rooms and suites feature Lego models and a treasure chest, which can be unlocked by completing a hotel scavenger hunt.

The hotel offers the only Lego Friends-themed guest rooms in the U.S., and the only Lego Friends-themed suite in the world. Based on the popular Lego Friends product line, the room theme is closely modeled after the five Lego Friends.

Legoland Hotel is also moving its model shop inside, and offering guests exclusive access to a Master Model Builder Workshop. Hotel guests will be able to build side-by-side a Master Model Builder during daily build sessions.

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