Lego NinjagoNext year, the Legoland California Resort will add a new Ninjago-themed land, which will include Ninjago: The Ride. Guests will enter the new Ninjago land through a giant archway behind the resort’s Imagination Zone, which is designed to lead them into a courtyard where they begin their ninja training.

Legoland California made the announcement at a special event last Thursday. The new land will feature Lego building stations, games to test reflexes, spinners to test balance, Asian cuisine, and a shopping venue.

Ninjago: The Ride, manufactured by Triotech, will enable guests to control the outcome of their adventure through hand gestures. Through 3-D imagery, sensors, and the use of hand motions, up to four riders per car will be able to blast animated fireballs, lightning, shockwaves, and ice—similar to the four main Ninjago characters. In addition, effects such as heat, smoke, and wind will be incorporated to give guests an interactive experience.