Karito Kids and author Malaak Compton Rock, founder of Journey for Change: Empowering Youth Through Global Service, are partnering to introduce the new awareness project to the Karito Kids audience. In the partnership, 12 girls from Compton-Rock’s Journey for Change 2 program, in which at-risk girls ages 12 to 15 from Brooklyn travel to Johannesburg, South Africa, share stories of their current service trip with the Karito Kids audience on the company’s website, www.karitokids.com, as well as on Facebook and Twitter. The daily updates include blog posts, photos, and videos.

Participants of Compton-Rock’s program, known as Global Ambassadors, are serving two weeks in the poverty-stricken shanty towns of Diepsloot and Soweto, helping orphans, vulnerable children (OVC), and granny-led households (households in which grandmothers care for grandchildren due to their own children dying of AIDS). The girls will return to New York City on September 3, where they will continue their service and advocacy in the U.S. for a full year.

Image Credit: Karitokids.com