AquaPodBottleLauncherHog Wild is the exclusive manufacturer and distributor of the AquaPod Bottle Launcher from Great American Projects Inc.

Hog Wild’s new AquaPod launches a two-liter soda bottle up to 100 feet. The bottle launcher comes fully assembled; all it needs is a two-liter soda bottle, an ordinary bike pump, and water. Fill the soda bottle halfway with clean water and affix over the launch tube. Take the bike pump and pressurize to 50 PSI. AquaPod includes a built-in-check valve that eliminates over-pressurization and ensures safety. Unwind the 15-foot long launch string and pull for a water-fueled blast off.

“Since 1996, we have created innovative toys and novelties geared to older kids and young adults,” says Joe Rooper, president of Hog Wild. “The AquaPod Bottle Launcher is the perfect addition to the Hog Wild line because it is so fun and unique.”